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PS3 internal 15 blade fan executing and running on Xbox 360 console

I have got a PS3 console internal fan, 15 blade executing and running on the Xbox 360 console, it’s runs nice, actually runs better connected to Xbox I think then the PS3 (It’s almost half the size of the 360 motherboard)


As you can see it also has the stock DVD drive functionality still and you won’t need to be JTAG to do this mod as it’s not intercepting any unused voltage and the DVD drive still fits right in. It’s not like the other fan mods, it’s using the stock 360 fan adapter, and cannot cause RROD. If anything will prevent it.

So what do you think?

PS Vita Magic-reader

Made this script in about 10min. It extract the Magic ASCII, PUP Version and License.xml from a VITA PUP here is the script.
Right now the script is stupid and doesn’t do much, I plan on adding a full PUP dump and a SFO/PSF dumper. šŸ™‚


# PsDev 2012. this script extract the PUP magic.

#Edit from PsiColio

#Will be adding on more stuff for it to extract in time…

# File names to extract from the PUP

Extract=( “Magic” “PUP_Version” “license.xml” )

#length starting from the offset and it ending in the offsets total length

length=( 0x8 0x10 0x724B4) #how many long the file is how much to copy, for example the Magic starts at 0x0 and the length is 0x8 bytes.

#offset of the Magic, Version and License

offset=( 0x0 0x9FF 0xC00 ) #where the file dump begins in the hex.


printf “____________________________\n”

printf ” PsDev \n”

printf ” PUP READER \n”

printf “____________________________ \n\n”

for file in “${Extract[@]}” #tells it for a file look in Extract = the the file names


printf “____________________________ \n”

printf ” %s\n” “${file}” #file name

printf “____________________________ \n”

printf “offset= %s\n” “${offset[$cont]}” #tells offset of file

printf “length= %s\n” “${length[$cont]}” #tells total offset length of file

printf “%s\n” “${cont}”

dd if=$1 of=$file bs=1 obs=1 skip=$((${offset[$cont]})) count=$((${length[$cont]}))

cont=$(($cont+1)) # make sure the usage is “./ PSP2UPDAT.PUP”


I added a lot of comments to it, just to make it more clear on what’s going on. Also added a offset and length teller for the hex and then the rest of the edit of course

How to:
Make a new file named “”

\Run “chmod +x” to give to execution permissions

Now in terminal run it. “./ PSP2UPDAT.PUP” It will output the three files in the folder/location the scripts located in.

Example out Terminal LOG:

offset= 0x0
length= 0x8
8+0 records in
8+0 records out
8 bytes (8 B) copied, 0.0153084 s, 0.5 kB/s
offset= 0x9FF
length= 0x10
16+0 records in
16+0 records out
16 bytes (16 B) copied, 0.0528894 s, 0.3 kB/s
offset= 0xC00
length= 0x724B4

How to install a 12v fan modification!

OK. I had a extra 12v fan laying around that came from a a PC, and well here I am, writing a short tutorial on how to install it on the motherboard of a Xbox 360.


  1. A 12v fan, two wire (negative and positive)
  2. A solder iron
  3. Some rosin core solder.

OK. now if you have theĀ requirementsĀ lets us begin šŸ™‚

Step 1: Take the negative(black) and solder it too the metal cagin around the point EG2G1(elite motherboard location btw). This metal cage acts as the ground to complete the overall process of installing the fan and being able to run it

2nd step: Now take the postive(red) and solder it too too the 12v power supply next to the big 3 and closet point R3G4, make sure it’s on the metal hinge.

After that the fan will have a 12v power supply on the motherboard and a nice ground spot for it to complete theĀ circuit.

Please note: This tutorial on how to install a 12v fan modification, is and should be for people only with a JTAG xbox 360. using this supply and soldering bad can cause RLOD. I can not Ā be held responsible if this random event occurs

here is a finish product, a picture of it in motion (you can tell it is) Have fun doing this modifacation to your console andĀ carefulĀ things happen. BYE


Reproducing Mathieulh’s BreakSelf program

Now, I am not callingĀ Mathieulh program a fake, but if it was a fake here is a exact reproduction of what it look like. You see Mathieulh is/was a pretty big name in the PS3/PSP scene, almost any one would have trusted his opinion, answer or thought. So did Mathieulh pull a fast one? As you can see from the picture, it’s exactly like what Mathieulh picture looked like? Hmm. So comment and vote on the poll I posted. Do you think Mathieulh Program could really decrypt the infamous lv0?


Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā