Reproducing Mathieulh’s BreakSelf program

Now, I am not calling Mathieulh program a fake, but if it was a fake here is a exact reproduction of what it look like. You see Mathieulh is/was a pretty big name in the PS3/PSP scene, almost any one would have trusted his opinion, answer or thought. So did Mathieulh pull a fast one? As you can see from the picture, it’s exactly like what Mathieulh picture looked like? Hmm. So comment and vote on the poll I posted. Do you think Mathieulh Program could really decrypt the infamous lv0?




11 responses

  1. i think he was bullshitting because if it really decrypted lv0 then something would have surfaced by now.

    1. Well he tries to keep all his stuff private, he doesn’t trust many people. Luckily I am someone he trust, atleast in my opinion. He showed me what looked like a decrypted lv0, he even showed me the GUI form! Now it was a very fast glance, but it looked legit, then again any one can add some buttons and textboxes on a form and call it what it appears to be, I did not actually see it function.

  2. i think he is more than capable of decrypting lv0, however, he is unlikely to “prove” such an accomplishment with anything useable by this scene. Sadly subtle hints and glimpses of his work are about all the scene gets from him know (which have become very few and far between as of late). Math holds the “keys” to many things that could advance this scene well beyond its current state but trolls have taken there toll on him, I can’t really blame the guy for holding back, he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Here’s hoping he comes back with a bag of goodies 🙂

  3. Nothing will ever surface from him, except if someone releace the lv0..But that is if he ever did it ? and nobody knows. I think hes an idiot and i want to make a shit on hes face!! no goodies from him to os, but a goodie from me to him!

    1. He does know allot, and he does know how to convert CEX to DEX, so he’s not stupid. Actually, one of the brightest minds the PS3 scene HAD to offer….

      1. Hardly, paying someone in a factory for the method isn’t “exactly” smart. just saying 😉 The guy is a bit intelligent, but narcissistic at best.

  4. Why bother bringing this crap up again? Who cares if he did it or not, it’s old news.

    1. I myself, was curious. I wanted to know what people thought about the topic.

      The titanic is old news, but there making a remake in 3d.

    1. Haha we used a little diffrent src. I didn’t add the by math part, I guess I didn’t see that 🙂 haha

  5. im just saying, i used to try to keep people on our forums from flaming him, but after reading what all actually happened between him and other devs, he did what he knew was best, ran with his tail between his legs. i am not saying he isnt capable but he def didnt help the scene out with anything on the higher firmwares except stupid riddles to toher devs that made them backtrack work and waste time. if math actually did decrypt Lv0, then he should prove it.

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